Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank Goodness!

We have finally found a house! Thank goodness! We will be moving in on the 11th of May. We have been travelling and most recently, staying with my dad so getting into our own home will be such a relief. Now we need to start the process of unpacking and making the house a home.

Amira has been starting to try standing on her own. I am so excited and so scared for her to start walking! She's a trouble maker while she's just crawling! I can't imagine the ruckus she's going to cause when she learns how to walk on her own.

Israel is talking all the time and doing so well. We are so proud of him. He's a little ham and loves to play jokes on everyone. He seems to mostly be over his fear of dogs (thanks to Aunt Shea!), but we're still having trouble with loud noises.

Elijah is getting bigger by the day. He's excited to start homeschooling in the next couple of months.

Tomorrow I will be going on a girls night out to celebrate my friend March's birthday. We're trying out Cosmic Cafe which we're pretty thrilled about. We've heard very good things about this restaurant which is all vegetarian. Pretty spiffy stuff. Hopefully, March will like her gift since it is another baking thing and that woman has EVERY baking thing known to man...or woman.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I heart Skip Hop

My birthday and Mother's Day is coming up and I'm shopping for a new diaper bag as a potential gift for myself. I've been looking around at several different brands, but I keep coming back to my favorite. Skip Hop is the bomb! Seriously, have you checked out their line of bags? They have so many that you're bound to find one that fits your lifestyle and that fits where your baby is in terms of how much stuff you need. You know what I mean...when baby is teeny then you need blankies, extra outfits, diapers, wipes, paci's, toys, band aids, disinfecting wipes, extra clothes for you, and the myriad of other things that are essential to you and your baby's health. Or maybe it's just me that thinks that you need to bring the house with you when you take the baby anywhere. Either way, I have found that Skip Hop always has what I need when I need it.

We own several items from the Skip Hop brand that we have either purchased or very luckily won. I had a Dash that I grew out of and gave to a friend. It was streamlined, attractive, and roomy. It had so many pockets that I could organize everything to my hearts content. I was also able to keep my wallet and phone separated from the baby's things so that my essentials were easy to find. The front flap was magnetic which was awesome and it hung great on my stroller without being bulky.

Two of my absolute favorite items from Skip Hop are the Saddle Bag and the Pronto. The Saddle Bag hangs on the side of my stroller and holds our snacks and emergency disposable changing pads. I also have one in the car that holds more emergency snacks and a small medical case because you never know when the hunger bug will bite or when someone will get a skinned knee. My boys always seem to be tripping over something that we go through a lot of Band Aids. I also keep a Pronto near me. I keep some diapers and wipes and a onesie for the baby in it and that's it. That's all I need. It's perfect for when I just need to run to the store or walk to the park. It has just enough room for the essentials. This helps keep the clutter down. My hubby likes it because he feels it's manly enough for him and he can throw it in the bottom of the stroller and go on his way without the 10 million "unnecessary" things that I keep in my diaper bag.

The bag that I'm using right now is the Duo Double. This thing is like the mother of all diaper bags. It's huge and I love it. We use cloth diapers and this is the best diaper bag that I have found for it. I recommend it to all of my cd-ing friends. I have room for dipes for both kids, my wet bag, wipes, wallet, and everything else I need. Literally, everything else. I cannot stress how awesome this bag is. It's got enough pockets that I can have things compartmentalized no problem, so everything is findable. Having things easy to find is essential when you have three kids ages 4 and under. The bag easily fits over the handles of most double strollers and hangs neatly. It's got these cool clips that allow you to clip the bag itself around the handle bars of strollers so the bag doesn't hang to the ground or drag. You can wear the bag as a shoulder bag, tote, or messenger style bag. I'm short (5 ft) so I like to wear it as a messenger bag and it's easy to move the bag around to my back with no shoulder or back pain. I love this bag!

I'm looking to move on to a more chic diaper bag and I'm leaning towards the Studio tote or City Chic. Both are posh and easy to dress up or down. They're both roomy and the price is comparable. I'm still deciding and of course, I need to hint to hubby that a new diaper bag is on his horizon. I'll let you know which one I decide on and of course, I'll be sure give you the low down on it.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back again

So we're going to try this blogging thing again. I have been seriously neglectful and I apologize to my blog. So sorry blog. On to another note, we recently got back from a super vacation in California. We decided to pack up and spend a month in Cali. Before you ask, the kids were wonderful during the drive. They were super troopers and I was so proud and so relieved. Thank goodness for the DVD player built into the car. It was a life saver. We had a million snacks also so stuffed faces plus lots of movies equal a non-stressful 8 hours of driving. Yay!

I recently went to another MetroMom's event. Another wonderful Best and Hottest! I have to say that I thought this was the best one ever. All of the products were fabulous. The food was good, the company good, and the wine was good. Plus we got goody bags and an awesome prize to take home. The night could not be any better. I took home a brand new product from Mama Mio called Bootcamp for Tummies. Actually, I haven't taken it home yet because it's not even finished in production! I will have one of the very first ones off the assembly line! How cool is that! I am so excited I can hardly stand it. Good bye jelly belly, hello bikini! Okay, I'm not sure it'll work well enough that I can wear a bikini, but I know that the products will be fabulous because I've used Mama Mio products regularly before and I know their stuff works. I have been dared to take before and after pictures and I will do so. Partly because I can't often refuse a dare and partly because I know there's going to be drastic improvement and I will want to show off the results. I used Mama Mio's Boob Tube while pregnant with Miss Thing and after about 2 months of using the lotion, I went and bought 2 push up bras from Victoria's Secret! Mind you, this was my third pregnancy and I nursed children with these breasts and the product worked so well I had to show my girls off! Anyways, you should check out the Metromom's event calendar since they have a lot of cool events coming up. Next Saturday is an Earth Day celebration at the Dream Cafe in Addison which will be lots of fun.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The days are flying by and our move out day seems to be staring me in the face. Everyone keeps asking if I'm excited and I admit it...I am not. I'm so busy being worried about moving out and getting this house cleaned and everything that I cannot think past the next week. Yes, I know we're going to California. I'm going to see my best friend and her new baby. We're taking the kids to LegoLand Aquarium (which is a secret surprise for my preschooler!)...but I just cannot be too excited about it. I just want to get through the next week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Colds, coughs, and mucous, OH MY!

Well, all three of my kiddos are sick and I'm tired! We're in the middle of packing up our home in order to store in so we can go on vacation and then move into our new home when we return and the kids being sick are a blessing and nuisance. Amira is of course the worst off since she's the baby and can't take any medicine so she's been miserable for days now. And the poor thing can't nurse since her nose is stuffy and doesn't want to eat regular food because she just doesn't feel good. She is so hungry and miserable and I feel so bad for her. She has been falling asleep on me the last couple of days so this sick thing isn't all bad. :) The boys have been sitting in front of the tv for HOURS which I hate, but is actually nice since I'm getting some good packing done. Only the kitchen, a bookcase, and some odds and ends are left! Woo-Hoo!

We've been using some natural remedy type things for the kids colds that have been working really well. We recently got a shipment of Sinupret for kids to try and man, does it work! This is the third cold this season that the boys have gotten and I can definitely see a difference in the length and severity of the colds when the boys take it. Their coughs and runny noses are less and they haven't had fevers or sleep loss from not feeling good. There has been a few majorly blowed noses when a sneeze occurs, but we have our trusty Boogie Wipes for those messes! These are the coolest things ever. I always keep a pack in my diaper bag and I buy them in bulk. Seriously. Amira doesn't mind them either and that's important when wrestling an 8 month old so I can wipe her nose. The boys love the grape scented ones, but I usually buy the regular scent because I get overwhelmed by the grapeness of the grape ones. Plus I worry that Amira will try to eat them since they smell so good. The Boogie Moms have recently come out with a menthol scent that I'm dying to try, but haven't gotten around to ordering some yet. My local Wal-Mart only carries the regular scent. I have to say that I also use boogie wipes for diaper changes in a pinch too. The wipes are really big and I have had disgusting blow outs that have been cleaned up with only 2 of the boogie wipes. Not too shabby.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Best and Hottest was the best and hottest!

I had an amazing day yesterday! My father took the boys for the whole weekend! So it's just my little monkey girl with me. My wonderful friend March took me out to lunch and then we went to see a movie. Yes! A movie in a movie theater! LOL, lame, I know but we were so excited. We saw Revolutionary Road and I don't want to give away the movie, but it was shocking. Such good acting and an amazing cast! But the end result was shocking.

After all of that goodness I had the Best and Hottest event from Metroplex Baby. I came home with a goody bag worth more than $85 and a cool new gadget. It's a first aid computer thing that has all these ailments in it and you tell it what's wrong and it tells you either how to fix it or how to fix it enough until an ambulance can come. It is so awesome and I want to carry it in my purse because I'm neurotic and I know it. Our goody bags were amazing as I said. I got full size hair products as well as limited edition make up items from Bed Head. The kids got some cool little plate sets and bottles...just all kinds of stuff. I'm especially excited about my Mommy Hook which would have come in handy at the movies yesterday because my handbag hooks broke. Now I have a heavy duty hangbag holder so I will never have that problem again. I love MetroMom events!!! You can find out about them at: They have really informative luncheons and super fun events for the kids. A little something for everybody.

Monday, January 12, 2009

What a wonderful life! I made my second "from scratch" pie crust and it was my first delicious one. How wonderful for my taste buds! How awful for my waistline! My very dear friend March kindly came over and showed me how to whip up an apple caramel pie all from scratch and it was so fun and so rewarding. I think I'm in love (with this baking thing). March has also talked me into entering the Pillsburry cooking/baking contest. Get this...the grand prize winner gets a million dollars! Holy cow! Can you imagine a million dollar cookie? Or a million dollar breakfast roll? It's amazing to even think about. Not that I think I have a chance to win, but how fun to try. I think I will be tagging along with March to these cooking competitions if she'll have me.

I've also started to bake breads quite often. I made a to die for challah with raisins. I was so impressed with myself. I looked at my hands and said " must be taking lessons while I'm asleep". Of course, I have my trusty bread machine to whip out the bread dough! LOL, I love technology. Anyways, I've started to bake with sprouted wheat flour and it's a learning experience. The bread comes out dense and chewy but not really practical for sandwiches and such. HMMM...maybe something more everyday-ish for...well everyday.

I'll have to post pics of my culinary adventures. Of course that means I'll have to get off my butt and upload the pics from my camera. I think I'll save that for another day.